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Microsoft Office Corporate 2010 (x32/x64) (Portable)

Microsoft Office Corporate 2010 (x32/x64) (Portable)

Microsoft Office Cpate 2010 (x32/x64) (Portable)

Microsoft Office 2010 is one of the best productivity experiences across the PC phone and browser f what you
depend on today and what youll expect tomrow. It helps you rise to the challenge of todays business environment without
losing sight of whats needed f IT success.

F your people it means helping them wk in a way thats faster easier and me intuitive-whether theyre on the road in
the office wking solo as part of a team. F IT it means utilizing a set of smart easy-to-integrate tools in a
security enhanced environment that wk with what you have now so you can grow your business instead of your budget.
Office Professional Plus 2010 Overview
Use Office 2010 virtually anywhere: PC phone browser
With Microsoft Office 2010 you can review and do min editing on Wd Excel PowerPoint and OneNote 2010 documents
virtually anywhere by using Office Web Apps from me locations on me devices. Keep your people productive on the go.
Office 2010 lets you access and edit documents sted on a server while youre offline with SharePoint Wkspace 2010 and
then automatically syncs these changes when youre back online. So you stay productive while on the go. Suppt your
employees regardless of location device. Office 2010 saves you time and money by helping you deploy and manage Office on
the PC the smartphone and the Web all from within familiar Microsoft System Center tools. Bring ideas to life
Bring ideas to life
Create and deliver presentations that help you stand apart from the competition. Office 2010 puts you in the directs chair
enabling you to create dazzling digital content in PowerPoint 2010 without the need f expensive third-party tools. And you
can broadcast your presentation to anyone with a browser even if they dont have PowerPoint. Stay ganized and on top of
your wk. OneNote 2010 pulls together everything from daily sales figures to digital images so all the infmation you need
is easily accessible. You can also create side notes that stay on your screen as you move between different programs so you
can keep your thoughts ganized as you multi-task. This helps you stay ganized while saving you time. Turn intuition into
insights to make quicker and me infmed business decisions. Excel 2010 provides tools f improved data visualization
which can give you key insights into business processes and tail messaging and products to best meet customer needs. Whole
trends can be conveyed in a single cell with Sparklines. And there are me options in styles and icons in conditional
fmatting as well as the ability to highlight specific items like such as "max/min" in a single click. Wk better together
Wk better together
Collabation means better wk and beating deadlines. Co-authing allows multiple people to wk on the same document at
the same time such as an RFP to respond faster and meet deadlines. With Office 2010 several team members can wk on Wd
2010 and PowerPoint 2010 documents simultaneously and see who else is wking on which sections regardless of location.
Reduce travel costs and spend less on third-party conferencing tools. Office 2010 helps your people save time and money by
providing one-click communication through unified communications technology and real-time document sharing from within Wd
PowerPoint and Excel 2010 without the need to switch applications. This makes virtual meetings me effective so team
members can get me done without being in the same room. Instantly share a presentation. Hold spontaneous meetings withcustomers and partners with PowerPoint 2010. Broadcast Slideshow allows you to present a slideshow entirely through a Webbrowser-no matter where your audience is at. No need f your customers to have a third-party conferencing tool evenPowerPoint. All they have to do is click on a link and a browser window opens with your slides.

System requirements:
* Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (SP3) (only 32-bit)
* Windows Server 2003 R2 Service Pack 2 (SP2) (32 - and 64-bit)
* Windows Server 2008 with Service Pack 1 (SP1) (32 - and 64-bit)
* Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) (32 - and 64-bit)
* Windows 7 (32 - and 64-bit)
* Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)
* Screen resolution: minimum 800x600 pixels 1024x768 higher recommended

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 lets you quality wk with a personal computer telephone web browser regardlessof your location. This software allows you to maximize the return on investment and greater results with access to thecapabilities of the server through familiar and intuitive application. Office Professional Plus 2010 - simple effective andtime saving tool that allows everyone to do me but with less efft.
Composition of the Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus Ptable:
* Microsoft Access 2010
* Microsoft Clip ganizer
* Microsoft Excel 2010
* Microsoft InfoPath Designer 2010
* Microsoft InfoPath Filler 2010
* Microsoft Office Picture Manager
* Microsoft OneNote 2010
* Microsoft Outlook 2010
* Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
* Microsoft Publisher 2010
* Microsoft SharePoint Wkspace 2010
* Microsoft Wd 2010
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