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CA ARCserve D2D BMR r16-LuLZiSO

CA ARCserve D2D BMR r16-LuLZiSO

CA ARCserve D2D BMR r16-LuLZiSO | 570 MB

Bare Metal Restore (BMR) Is The Process Of Rebuilding A Computer After A Drive Failure, System Crash Or Total Site Loss Bare Metal Restore Offers A Very Fast Way To Recover A Crashed Server To The Same Or Dissimilar

Hardware It Simply Paints The Picture Of The Original Drive Back Onto The New Drive And Restarts The System – Reducing A Process That Can Potentially Take As Much As 36 Hours, To Just Minutes Ca Arcserve® D2d Will Restore A Computer System From "Bare Metal", That Is Without Any Previously Installed Software And It Allows Recovery To Dissimilar Hardware Taking Into Account Any Hardware Differences.
If links die, I will reupload at here.

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