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Linux Mint 12 RC 2xDVD (i386 + x86_64)

Linux Mint 12 RC 2xDVD (i386 + x86_64)

Linux Mint 12 RC 2xDVD (i386 + x86_64) | 2x1 GB

Linux Mint - distribution of Linux. The purpose of the distribution is to provide the end user as a simple system that will be ready for use immediately after installation and does not require a download most popular software, including additional codecs to play popular multimedia formats ...

? In the rest of the Linux Mint is all the same Ubuntu, which brings a new and original interface predominantly in shades of green and a small number of custom applications (mintInstall, mintUpdate, mintMenu, etc.) to facilitate the lives of those who are new to Linux.
? Initially, Linux Mint based on Ubuntu, then the number of its variations began to grow and there was an assembly based on Debian. Since Linux Mint building in the most different from the composition of Ubuntu only included in the distribution package is compatible with Ubuntu is obvious that they recognize and even the developers.
? The twelfth version code-named "Lisa"

¦ The distribution includes a graphical environment Gnome 3 and MGSE (Mint Gnome Shell Extensions) - a set of components that let you change the style of your desktop, bringing it to the classic Gnome.
¦ MATE - a fork of Gnome 2, compatible with Gnome 3. Absent from the CD version.
¦ The new design and new wallpaper for your desktop.
¦ A new search engine Duck Duck Go.

Linux Mint 12 RC 2xDVD (i386 + x86_64)

If links die, I will reupload at here.

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