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Zero-G Altered States v1.0 VSTi DXi RTAS DVDR
Zero-G Altered States v1.0 VSTi DXi RTAS DVDR
Zero-G Altered States v1.0 VSTi DXi RTAS DVDR | 3.63 GB

Much of ALTERED STATES is brand new, and much is from highly-acclaimed and award-winning Zero-G libraries never before available in this format. All sounds have been reorganised and re-categorized from the original ten (yes, 10) incorporated Zero-G libraries and integrated with over a gigabyte of outstanding brand new material. In the rhythm department of the resulting monster library, there are thousands of loops and all are presented in sliced format (via the NI INTAKT Beat Machine) or via the Time Machine, so they will automatically sync to your songs, and you can apply sound-shaping to each slice if you wish. The contents of all of the following 10 libraries, all of which scored either 4 or 5 stars in review in Sound On Sound magazine (UK), are integrated into this mind-bogglingly powerful instrument:
- Zero-G Ambient Volume 1
- Zero-G Ambient Volume 2 (and ProSamples Volume 36 'Chillout')
- Zero-G Cuckooland Unhinged
- Zero-G Cuckooland Ghost In The Machine
- Zero-G Cuckooland Asylum (and ProSamples Volume 6 'Experimental & FX')
- Zero-G Cuckooland Ambience
- Zero-G Malice In Wonderland
- Zero-G Fields of Motion (and ProSamples Volume 9 'Future Beats 2')
- Zero-G Junk Percussion
- Zero-G Dream Zone (from Creative Essentials)
- Ibiza Chillout (approx 1 Gb of extra brand new material)

Platform: Windows
Format: Intakt (though the library can be also loaded in Kontakt 4/5 after it has been installed)
Добавил: babylove9x0
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