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Digidesign Strike v1.5.1 RTAS MAC OSX INTEL & Content Discs
Digidesign Strike v1.5.1 RTAS MAC OSX INTEL & Content Discs
Digidesign Strike v1.5.1 RTAS MAC OSX INTEL & Content Discs | 11.9GB

Strike is a revolutionary instrument plug-in that makes it easy to create professional drum and percussion performances in Pro Tools with uncanny realism and unbelievable human feel. More than just a high-definition drum module, Strike uses real drum performances and provides unprecedented control over every aspect of your virtual drummer’s sound and playing. Select a kit, set the mic placement and leakage, choose a room, and tell your drummer how to play as you adjust the intensity, complexity, timing, groove, dynamics, and more — in real time. This is one instrument you have to see to believe.

The latest version of Strike includes new features and comes with 30 GB* of content to provide you with even more beat versatility. Use your own sounds with new WAV and AIFF sample import, gain more efficiency with the enhanced Style editor, discover over 10 GB of new drum kits and percussion elements, explore 55 new styles (for a total of 205 styles), and more.

* Strike 1.5 comes with 30 GB of audio content, which is compressed into a space-saving 13 GB using proprietary lossless compression. Strike dynamically decompresses any content you load in real time, as needed.

Strike is a revolutionary RTAS instrument plug-in that makes it easy to create, control, and produce professional drum performances in Pro Tools with uncanny realism. One part intelligent virtual drummer, one part professional drum module, Strike features a wide range of high-definition drum kits and style choices, and allows for unprecedented control over the virtual drummer’s performance.

Meet Your New Drummer
With Strike, getting the groove you want is as simple as choosing one of the high-definition kits and telling the “virtual” drummer how to play: Adjust the playing intensity, complexity, timing, groove, dynamics, and much more — all in real time. Use the automation features in Pro Tools to perfect all of your moves and get the perfect drum performance. Connect a MIDI controller — such as the M-Audio Axiom Pro — to tweak your performance on the fly using knobs, sliders, and drum pads.

Unbelievable Human Feel
Strike’s proprietary realtime performance engine eliminates the mechanized artifacts of typical sample-playback devices to deliver human results with unparalleled realism. Increase the playing intensity and you’ll get a smooth dynamic response in the drum tone instead of audible velocity switches. Change up the feel or complexity and get instant, natural-sounding results. With Strike, you can produce professional drum tracks that are simply not possible using conventional sampling technology.

Comprehensive Grooves
Strike comes loaded with twelve high-resolution drum kits, each containing 12 instruments with up to 300 individual samples per instrument for an incredible range of detail. Whether you compose soundtracks, pop tunes, or just need a drummer to jam along with on your guitar, Strike delivers totally human results with over 7,000 editable preset patterns in popular music styles. Strike also lets you create your own custom patterns with the onboard Style Editor, or by functioning as a drum module in Pro Tools software.

Mix It Up
To help you get the perfect drum sound, Strike includes a built-in mixing console for full control over every aspect of the kit. Change virtual microphone settings, such as room ambience and leakage, then take advantage of dedicated 3-band EQ and two insert effects per channel. The onboard effects range from dynamics and limiting to reverb and delay, plus specialized tools such as bit crusher and filter. The onboard mixer lets you easily adjust the overall level and panning for each drum, and route individual sounds to separate mixer channels in Pro Tools software.
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