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Accent 3D Models Collection vol. 1 White diva [GFxSW].
Accent 3D Models Collection vol. 1 White diva [GFxSW].
Accent 3D Models Collection vol. 1 White diva [GFxSW] | 2.66 GB

Exclusive collection of 3D models White diva, which are not included in any official compilations and have customized materials for VRay renderer and all the textures for each model.

About internetshop "accent"
This internetshop created for the customers are always aware of current trends and market offerings, and designers and architects were comfortable with the product. We want to make a variety of design projects of our partners and customers, offering them to create a truly unique style, therefore, have joined forces under the name "accent" to a number of promising European companies which cooperate with wellknown design houses, not having yet become producers of consumer goods.

We have excellent cooperation with specialists in the field of furniture, which embody every fantasy designer at the highest level, using the most advanced materials.

About the collections "White diva"
White always attracted its airy and with. It seems that in the Interior in white no flaw. Everything is perfect, pure, even breathe easier! And all because the Interior white visually appear to be more compact, even by weightless. And if you use white and to decorate the walls, floor, ceiling, space itself visually increases several times.

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