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Carbon Scatter v1.00
Carbon Scatter v1.00
Carbon Scatter v1.00
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Carbon Scatter is the most simple and straightforward solution for creating complex and detailed populations using the native instancing technologies of 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema4D. The Carbon Scatter plug-ins integrate e-on's patented EcoSystem algorithms directly inside leading CG applications, allowing you to populate your scenes with millions of native objects, and render them with your favorite renderer.

- Patented EcoSystem technology!
- Non overlapping instances
- Variations of instances with SolidGrowthCS plants
- Animated instances
- Stack multiple EcoSystem population layers
- Add multiple objects to each layer
- Control affinity between layers
- Control density, size, orientation, etc. of instances
- Advanced fractal algorithms for natural populations
- Full control of population parameters using graph
- Image based populations
- Paint onto objects or in the global EcoSystem
- Paint at any angle, including under objects
- Native rendering using V-Ray or MentalRay
- Render millions of instances
- Mutlithreaded, renders using all your CPUs
- Accurate preview using boxes, bilboards or full geometry
- Easy to use interface
- Direct access to instance materials
- Cull instances outside of camera frustrum
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