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Motion Studio Music Loops Pack WAV
Motion Studio Music Loops Pack WAV
Motion Studio Music Loops Pack WAV | 3.28 GB

Music loops collections designed for creating music of different styles. Including orchestra strings, dark piano hooks, guitars, samples, stabs and more, dark piano hooks, guitar rifts, lp stabs and many more west coast samples, old school drum beats seperated into multi-track loops, fx on top of grimey beats with big bottom bass and much more.

This bangin collection is packed with Dr. Dre style orchestra loops, dark piano hooks, guitar rifts, lp stabs and many more west coast samples. It also comes with a drum kit of selected punchy analog kicks, crunchy snares, crakin claps and dirty hats. You can search the entire net and will not find any loops and drums as good as this, it's most definately a secret weapon in your collection and usefull for all your projects.

Another collection Semley Dirty South out of the top selling full of tons of orchestra strings, big Brass Horn'ami, synth, piano, Colette, and also comes with a special set of 808 drum kit tailor prof. audio engineers. We have chosen and packed all the best and most popular Dirty South samples, so you'll have more useful sounds to choose from.

A set of cool drum-samples and melodic riffs to create a commercial Hip-Hop/RnB. Perfect quality and super sound from the Motion Samples!

This collection was designed with an 80's Hip Hop sound and has a library of one shot drums plus 14 old school drum beats seperated into multi-track loops. If you been looking or need that classic phat Hip Hop sound, this item is for you.

From the streets of Harlem came the new buzz about The Diplomats heavy Hip Hop anthems. This collection contains non-stop bangin' loops of horns, orchestra strings, pianos, mega stabs, vinyl cuts and Diplomat style drum loops. It's another one of our best sellers and top picks for users lookin to make beats strictly for the streets.

This collection contains slo-mo Dirty South sounds similar to the underground styles of Three Six Mafia and Paul Wall.

This is strictly head bopin' grooves with symphony compositions Dre style! Plus it includes drum samples designed by pro engineers using top analog gear for phat chunky drums. Our users have rated this better then any other sellers on ebay and the net. Don't settle for less, just get the real deal here cause you'll never know what's up till you cop this set.

A mixed blend of Dirty South meets West Coast beats loaded with big orchestra strings, massive horns, synths, piano, fx on top of bangin' drum loops. If your a fan of Ludacris or lookin' to make Mid-West style beats, you gonna luv this one...

This collection contains West Coast gangsta samples and drum loops played in the styles of Aftermath Records. The loops consist of orchestra strings, dark piano melodies, guitar samples, vinyl kuts and stabs on top of easy and bangin' west coast drum beats. If you like Game's beats, you'll like this collection.

A mixed collection of various Dirty South samples loaded with Fantom synths, strings, guitars, keys, stabs and fx on top of grimey beats with big bottom bass. Played to similar styles of Timbaland, Bonecrusher, Lil John and Three Six Mafia.

A serious collection of rare underground lp samples and vinyl drums played in the styles of RZA with tons of hot sounds to chop or re-sample. This is perfect for users who like crusty drums and static samples for making grimey underground joints.

This Eminem style melody and drum sample collection is packed with all the elements to make Shady Hip Hop Beats. Filled with harmonized strings, catchy piano hooks, guitar rifts, bells and also includes a real hot drum sample kit with phat round kicks, snares, dirty hats, clicks & flicks plus an extra folder with lots of quarky samples. If your into that Eminem type sound, this collection will keep ya busy.

SNAP is the latest style of Dirty South to hit the clubs and airwaves and this collection provides all the elements to make snap beats. These loops were recorded from popular synths like the Motif, Fantom, Nord and the drums were made from the Tr-808 along with clean bright snaps, claps, snares, hats, percussions and fx.

This item contains over 200 16bit wave files of T.I. drum samples and melody loops. We've put together 11 tracks with seperate loops so that all you need to do is make a beat and mix, or create brand new tracks from the start. These are all original samples and you will not find them anywhere else on the net.

Inspired by the underground sounds of 3-6 Mafia, this collection contains melody loops of big horns, orchestra strings to slo-mo crunk synth & samples. It also includes another style 808 drum kit with boomin' bass kicks, snappy snares and clean digital hats. Great for users lookin' to make grimey underground Dirty South beats.

This collection contains 279 soulful piano and rhodes samples arranged in 40 kits for users who like to program keys. You don't have to be the best keyboardist with this one, just arrange them in your sampler and start playing single keys to make melody rifts. Mainly good for RnB but also great for Hip Hop.

A collection of LA's gangsta Hip Hop beats loaded with slammin' loops of phat drums, orchestra strings, dark piano hooks, guitars, samples, stabs and more.

If links die, I will reupload at here.

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